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Friday Fictioneers: JUST STOP!


♫♪”Stop! In the name of love.”♩♫   I can’t get it out of my head.

Not ‘Starbuckie’, think ‘parents old furniture’ type. We met in line, she looked sad. I was nice. She was going to karaoke and her eyes said she wanted me to go. I did, she was kinda cute. She sang Diana Ross to me.

♩♭♬   “I’m aware of where you go”♬    She’s everywhere, even when I jog.

She was fun for a while. I didn’t lead her on. I didn’t know what to do.

♭♪♪”Before you break my heart”♭♪    Couldn’t do that.

“I want my lawyer now.”


Another 100 word song for Friday Fictioneers… The photo prompt  was taken in Jeonju, South Korea by David Stewart, one of our Sci-Fi Fictioneers… he lives in Korea… check into the Green Walled Tower sometime.  Also, if you read sheet music… I don’t… zip it up!  And, Rich… I am not counting the musical notes as words.

Here’s where to find the other stories based on this fantastical statue.  My friend Parul said “Perhaps his photography skills added to the intrigue!”  I quite agree.  Glad he didn’t lose his Nikon.

Rochelle’s Froggie >>>>>>>  

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