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Seashore… 59 Words

“See sells seashells by the seashore.”
“She shells seashells by the seashore.”
“She sells sezeshells by the seashore.”
“Try Again.”
“She sells seashells by the sezeshore.”
“This is hard, why can’t I get this?”
“Stop whining and try again, take your time.”
“Okay. She sells seashells by the seashore.”
“Yes!!! I knew you could do it.”

☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉ ☉

My thanks to Wilkie Bard I could not have done this piece without him.

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