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THOR’S WORLD TOUR… Adjusting to new surroundings


Thor encounters the dreaded Yoshi!

Somewhere on a small island in the Great Pacific Northwest… just freed from prison…

I breath in a deep lungful of fresh air, a relief from the scent of dainty perfumes that have hung so heavy in my cape.  I detect a hint of ocean air, and I long for the sea again.  My eyes encounter a dazzling array of color from every corner imaginable, in this seeming rural landscape.

I find that my iron prison is high from the ground, held high aloft on a post. I will have to descend with care, as my strength has been weakened by exposure to excessive amounts of polyurethane.   It will be some time before my belt, Megingjörd, is able to regain full power.  I espy a soft landing spot and jump!


I make it without harm and look for sanctuary while I garner the lay of the land. This is the first time I have been on my own, and not brought back into the world to the sight of leering eyes and painted lips bending over me.  Impossible to escape their grasp until they tire of playing with me, and eventually ship me off to another one.

I immediately encounter a threat from a giant creature that I have to ward off  with a blow from The Mighty Hammer… I am the God of Thunder!  She goes back to sleep.


This place seems to be some kind of farm, as there are egg layers sequestered nearby, and I am hungry.  I enter the enclosure with as much stealth as I can muster… but a “Cock-a-Doodle-Do” soon gives me away and I am beset with feather bearing monsters.  I barely escape with my life, thanks to my Mighty Hammer!


Leaving the foul fowl behind, I enter a wood shop in search of a clue to my whereabouts.  Jumping on a workbench I accidentally activate a switch putting me in harm’s way.   I am saved once again, thanks to Mjölnir (TMH).  Must make a note to send a check to Mr. DeWalt for the damage.


I come to a body of water and decide to go across.  A nearby boat seems the answer, but a family named Noah is busy loading it with animals and say I am welcome to join them, but they are waiting for the flood and it might take some time to float their boat.


Not to be deterred, I take matters into my own hands and float across… no Princess Cruise, that’s for sure, but maybe that’s a good thing.


THOR!!!  Someone calls my name.  A handsome gentleman tells he is my host and welcomes me to his island.  I tell him I am ‘The God of Thunder’, he says he knows that and invites me inside, to a table groaning under the weight of a sumptuous feast of garlic sausages, grilled chicken, ranch style beans and corn on the cob.  Breads of all description and fresh fruits and beverages are a welcome sight.  He is anxious to hear about my tour, but first has some distressing news… The Pink Haired Princess now has blue hair.  Oh, My Magical Mistress… what hast thou done?  ‘There must be a Witch involved’, is my first thought, then I remember she is a writer… and you know how they are.   I ask when I can see her, as my heart is blue, and he says he will see what he can do, but I must finish the tour first before finally joining her.  He invites me to go to a special island tomorrow full of artists and gentle people of the earth.  I am hopeful to learn more about this place.  I ask how we will get there, as I have not had much luck with water transportation of late.  He assures me there is no problem, as we will be ensconced in a fine Swedish automobile and catching something called a red-eye ferry.  ‘What new monster awaits’, I think to myself.

To be continued…


Previously… The Arrival 

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Roni Hanson slides into home, as the catcher waits for the throw, Emily Guard is hot on her heels… will she make it home safe?

IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1620 IMG_1621 IMG_1622 IMG_1623 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1626

The girls are going to the mainland for the Fast Pitch Post-season Tournament tomorrow, of course I’ll be there with my camera… so stay tuned to TedBook’s Daily Pics for more action from your Lady Wolverines.  Good Luck Girls!  (This was actually supposed to go to TedBook’s Daily Pics, but I screwed up… that’s okay, as I’m so proud of our girls more people get to see them now… lot’s more Lady Wolverine pics at TBDP)


TedBook's DAILY PICS...


Jaime Ellsworth‘Painter of Dogs’ is gearing up for gallery showings across the land… Drop by her studio in Friday Harbor and take a look… or simply CLICK THE PIC to see her work…


To see more pics… check out this old page… TedBook’s DAILY PICS 

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San Juan County Fair


Oops… This was supposed to go to http://tedbooksdailypics.com Have you been there lately?



trompe l'oeil painted door

trompe l’oeil painted door

Oops… this was destined for my PhotoLog… TedBook’s Daily Pics … to see more doors, go to my PhotoLog.  

Carnival Ride at Dusk…

Carnaval Ride at Dusk...

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At The County Fair…

At The County Fair...

I took almost 1,000 photos today… this one was my favorite.


I was recently onboard our InterIsland Ferryboat the ‘Evergreen State’, when she encountered some ‘difficulties’ and became adrift. In 16 years of riding the ferries, this was the most excitement I’ve had. We were getting close to land, and they were getting a towrope ready to attach to an oncoming ferry. The had everyone stand at the rear of the ferry on the top deck… in case we crashed??? They got whatever was wrong fixed enough to make it into Friday Harbor and dock. I was hoping we would have to be saved… that would have been great to photograph.

TedBook's DAILY PICS...


WSF ‘Evergreen State’ being towed out of Friday Harbor to dry dock…

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I took over 300 photos of our Fourth of July Parade in Friday Harbor… lots of cars, kids and fellow islanders acting silly and having fun.  The most interesting photo I took, was of this young man marching in the French Camp contingent.  When he saw me snapping his way, he went into Mime Mode.  He might live on one of our islands… maybe I’ll  meet him someday.  He certainly looked and acted the perfect mime.

French Camp is a summer camp for kids, revolving around French Culture, held on Canoe Island in the San Juan Islands.   http://www.canoeisland.org/

Look far down the right side and you can see the Mime…

There he is…

I first published this on my Photolog – TedBook’s Daily Pics – on July 4th.  Check out my PhotoLog at… http://tedbooksdailypics.com/ for photos of The Great Pacific Northwest, and anywhere else the staff photographer travels.  He will soon be high up in the Sequoia National Forrest in California… sending dispatches daily.



Sculptor Matthew Gray Palmer… bound for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Co.

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