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“So what were they doing again?” asked the Sergeant.

“They were running around.”

“Running around. Naked, you say?”

“Yes, running around naked!”

“So, they didn’t have any clothes on then?”

“No, they didn’t have any fucking clothes on, they were naked!”

“Sergeant, we’ve finished checking the area and judging by the footprints in the garden there may be as many as six trespassers.”

“Based on the different shoe patterns?”

“No sir, no shoe prints, just bare feet prints.”

“So no shoes then?”

“Oh for fucking Christ! I told you they were naked!!!”

“Oh right, you did. We’ll look into it.”

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This is one I wrote based on the artwork above for another writing group I was in and have not been able to find who made the image.  I would love to know who did it so I could give proper credit, but as soon as I saw it the story seemed to write itself.

It is a take off on Salvador Dali’s famous work.


“In Voluptas Mors”

Friday Fictioneers: ¿ WHAT’S TO GET?


                                                                                                                                               ¿What’s to get?    

“Senõr! Gala called. Salvador is upset! He wants to know when Tarot Universal Dalí will be completed, and why you did not like the last image.”

“Tell her it will be ready for his 80th birthday as promised, and I did not get the animal, where do we use it”

“Senõr! Gala called, he said, ‘There is nothing to ‘get’ with a Dalí animal!  Besides, that one is a birthday present for your granddaughter, why didn’t you ‘get’ that!'”

“Oh, tell him muchas gracias!”

“Senõr! Gala called, he said, ‘De nada’. He is thinking of using you for El Loco.”



Another fine photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers… this one by  EL Appleby.

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