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俳句… HAIKU BOMBERS #3… Watchmaker’s Car

                                                      young Watchmaker’s girls,

                                                      home from school patiently pose,

                                                      in clothes neatly pressed.

                                                       so long ago watches cleaned,

                                                       only buck fifty the fee,

                                                       but, gassed up the car.

                                                        little black Austin Bantam,

                                                        family of six fit inside,

                                                        they must have been squished.

Once again, it’s Haiku Time.  This week’s prompt from Quill Shiv, was to find a photo of children and be inspired… http://quillshiv.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/haiku-bombers-prompt-3/

I chose this family photo, from I would guess circa 1930.  My Grand father was a watchmaker, jeweler, optician, and railroad watch inspector in Sacramento.  This was the family car and I’ve quite a few photos of it.  My grandparents had 5 kids, and my father would drive all the kids to school in it.  As you can see, it is quite small.  When he was in high school, as a prank, his friends carried it up to the stage before an assembly, and left it there.  My aunts Laura and Emily pose above with the Austin Bantam auto, and my grandfather Theodore is below, probably repairing a watch or two.

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