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Friday Fictioneers: A BOSTON DRABBLE



The steel balls shot through the crowd like a swarm of angry hornets awakened from sleep; in their wake came the nails.  The impact of the blast knocked down runners and sent bystanders through the plate-glass of nearby display windows.  Dazed, confused, amidst blood everywhere, people jumped  to help the fallen, not knowing if another blast was imminent.  Police and fire rushed to help, no care for their own safety, and after twenty-six miles, some runners ran two more miles to a nearby hospital to donate blood.  They are the heroes.

Nearby, the coward stood smirking, satisfied with his handiwork.


I usually don’t write this sort of thing, and am not one to ‘jump on a bandwagon’, in fact I abhor that sort of thing.  But, when I saw this week’s photo and wondered what I could write about, this is what popped into my head… Why, I don’t know… I think it looks like one of those mortars that shoot many rockets at once, and the rockets are called ‘bombs’… it looks lethal, as do hornets or wasps when they are coming at you.  So I wrote my impression of what I had seen on television and heard on the radio.


Thanks to The Princess of Punctuation,  Janet Webb, for this week’s Photo Prompt.  Visit Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to read her story and find out how to add  yours.

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