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Painting with the Masters


Copying Leopold Schmutzler’s Here I Am, c.1910

At the Frye Art Museum



Friday Fictioneers… LET’S SMILE!


LET’S SMILE!… a Drabble for FriFic

“Let’s take a usie.”

“Please, not the iPhone again!”

“Come on Cheryl, it’ll be fun.”

“Ever since you got that thing, you’ve been taking pictures of everything you eat and everywhere you go. Who needs that many pics of your face.”

“You should get one instead of that flip phone, it’s the fashionable thing you know. Then you can send selfies too.”

“Let me guess, a usie is a selfie of us, right?”

“Bingo, Cheryl, now scoot over here.”

“Why can’t the waitress take it?”

“Then it wouldn’t be a usie!”

“Okay, for crying out loud, I give up.”


Author’s Note:  I had not planned to write anything like this when I saw the photo prompt.  But then I saw that USIE had entered urban slang… you can substitute me for Ethel and my daughters for Cheryl in the above story.


Sandra Crook haunts the waterways of France in her canal boat and writes at Castelsarrison, she provided this pic to prompt the Friday Fictioneers.   More stories from Rochelle’s Flock can be found here > > > 

Hovering Over Friday Harbor

Hovering Over Friday Harbor

Coast Guard Helicopter hovering over the docked ferryboat for quite a few minutes today... then they flew away.

Coast Guard Helicopter hovering over the docked ferryboat for quite a few minutes today… then they flew away.

Once again, I screwed up… this should have been posted in my PhotoLog… have you seen it yet???   tedbooksdailypics


UKULELES... All Sizes

Jumping Fleas for Sale…

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