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Monochrome Madness: NIGHT FERRY





As Scene in Friday Harbor


Each week Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY has a photo contest called Monochrome Madness.  This month’s theme is something like ‘Where You Are’.  This is our mode of transportation to and from where I am.  Check out her blog and see other Monochrome Masterpieces.  If you like to take photos, send Leanne one of yours.  (this actually is my entry in next week’s contest, we’ll see which photo she chooses)

Here are the photos in their original state…



© C.E.Ayr

A WHALE TALE… A Drabble for FriFic

Somewhere in Chicago a telephone rings…

“Hi Cheryl, it’s Ethel!”

“What’s up now, Ethel?”

“Pack your bags we’re going whale watching in Friday Harbor! I got a cheap flight to Seattle, and a boat’s going to take us up to the San Juan Islands to see whales.”

“Ethel, why on earth would I want to see whales?”

“You said you liked Moby Dick?.”

“Moby Dick is a book about a whale. I said I liked the book.” 

“Oh… I thought it would be fun.”

“Well I think it sounds like a lot of fun. Besides we haven’t gone anywhere in a long time. I’ll start packing.”



I’m afraid to say that I haven’t written a story for TedBook since last February… life has a way of getting in the way.  My friends in FridayFictioneers will be shocked, because, here’s a story… The Girls are Back!  Each week I faithfully look at the photo prompt Rochelle puts up, and this week I couldn’t pass… also finally having the time to write something helps.  Glad to be back.  Thanks to C.E.Ayr for this week’s photo, and to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting such a diversified group of writers each week… to read this week’s crop of stories …  FriFicWriters



For those of you that don’t know, I live in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington state.  The west side of San Juan Island is home to 3 pods of Orca Whales (also known as Killer Whales) consisting of about 73 members during spring thru fall. They swim up and down the channel chasing salmon, while being chased by boats.  Whale Watching is a major industry on my island, with many whale watch companies here, in the other San Juan Islands, from Seattle and coming 20 miles away from Victoria on Vancouver Island, B.C.


Whale Watch Boat… The Odyssey coming into Friday Harbor

The Pitcher…


Hovering Over Friday Harbor

Hovering Over Friday Harbor

Coast Guard Helicopter hovering over the docked ferryboat for quite a few minutes today... then they flew away.

Coast Guard Helicopter hovering over the docked ferryboat for quite a few minutes today… then they flew away.

Once again, I screwed up… this should have been posted in my PhotoLog… have you seen it yet???   tedbooksdailypics


I took over 300 photos of our Fourth of July Parade in Friday Harbor… lots of cars, kids and fellow islanders acting silly and having fun.  The most interesting photo I took, was of this young man marching in the French Camp contingent.  When he saw me snapping his way, he went into Mime Mode.  He might live on one of our islands… maybe I’ll  meet him someday.  He certainly looked and acted the perfect mime.

French Camp is a summer camp for kids, revolving around French Culture, held on Canoe Island in the San Juan Islands.   http://www.canoeisland.org/

Look far down the right side and you can see the Mime…

There he is…

I first published this on my Photolog – TedBook’s Daily Pics – on July 4th.  Check out my PhotoLog at… http://tedbooksdailypics.com/ for photos of The Great Pacific Northwest, and anywhere else the staff photographer travels.  He will soon be high up in the Sequoia National Forrest in California… sending dispatches daily.

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