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SPRING PLANTING… Friday Fictioneers


SPRING PLANTING… a drabble for FriFic

The phone rings in a brownstone in Chicago…

“Hi, Ethel, what’s up!”

“Spring!!! That’s what, Cheryl.”

“It’s 36 degrees out, what makes you think it’s Spring?”

“The landlady is planting flowers and she always does that on the first day of Spring.  But I don’t like her new planter.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s a porcelain throne, Cheryl!!!”

“What the hell are you talking about, Ethel? What’s a porcelain throne?”

“As if you’ve never hugged the Porcelain Throne, goody-two-shoes. It’s a commode. A loo.”

“For Christ’s sake, Ethel, speak English!”

“It’s a toilet, dammit! In front of my house!!!”


Ethel and Cheryl have returned to Friday Fictioneers!   Rochelle threatened to steal this photo from TedBook’s DAILY PICS, and it looks like she did!  To read more stories based on this photo or write one of your own, click on the frog.


Trifextra #64: THE TABLE





“Cheryl, my chance for the table will be lost, you need to bring me some cash right now!”

“For God’s sake, Ethel, join the 21st Century and get a charge card.”


Here’s This Week’s Instructions… (to submit one your stories or read others, click the Trike)

“This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words plus the following three words”:
  • charge
  • century
  • lost


Would love your thoughts…

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