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Friday Fictioneers: HORSE SENSE


     HORSE SENSE… a 100 word story

There had been a fire at the barn, most likely started by a idiot cigarette.  Got the animals out first, then set hither and skither to attack the blaze.   Even that old fool of a circus horse got into the act by bringing me a garden hose.  I squirted it a bit, then thought stronger measures were called for and filled buckets from the trough.  It wasn’t much, just a little scarring in one of the old unused stalls.  I’d spent time there with some of the girls.  Now that damn horse, she looks at me with one eye raised.

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Our photo, to wring stories out of Friday Fictioneers this week, comes from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields pal, the Aloha Man himself, Doug MacIlroy.

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