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“SUSIE STRONG”… Meet The Wild Child…

Once The Wild Child rides into your life, you are never the same again…

I don’t remember where I first met Susie. I have been clicking ‘like’ on her posts since early 2011.  I think it was the one about some frozen dead guy.  She was in black & white then, I almost prefer that, as she is colorful enough without color… but it does show off her home in Boulder, Co. to a nice advantage.   She actually prefers it all white, as she is an avid skier and has a white dog named Roxy.  Roxy is the victim/subject of many a post, along with DJ Slash, Courtney and her husband Danny.  She is a talented writer, artist, claims to be a tennis player, and has shown talent as a wannabe pole dancer… her dance numbers are legendary.  Here’s where to meet her… Susie Lindau.

Susie is a special blogging buddy, not only to me, but to many other writers.  Each month she throws a party on her blog.  It’s called  Use Me and Abuse Me Day, the purpose is to give her friends a forum to showcase their latest favorite piece of work.  It is quite a party, as usually about 100 show up to brag and view each other’s offerings.  I’ve met some talented writers and made some good  friends at Susie’s parties.  Do yourself a favor and come to the next one and add one of your stories.

This month Susie won’t be having a party.  Something more important has taken the party’s place.  She will be back soon (no, she is not in jail) and writing her blog again.  I will be looking forward to June’s party.  But for this month, her friend brickhousechick  suggested we hijack ‘Use Me and Abuse Me Day’ and have our own party, to honor Susie for a change.  

See you soon, Susie… I’ll be thinking of you today…  your pal, Ted

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