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“I still can’t believe you talked me into this, Ethel.”

“It’ll get warmer when the sun comes up,Cheryl.”

“That’s at seven-thirty, the store opens at five.”

“I know, and I want that big-ass-flatscreen!”

☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎

The Editors of The Trifextra Writing Challenge are busy with their families this week, so they said:  “This weekend we are assuming that many of you are slogging your way through leftovers and family bickering (or is that just us?) and thus we’re going way easy on you. We are asking for a 33-word free write.  Give us whatever you’ve got.”   

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