Call… 41 Words

I call
What do you mean ‘you call’
I can call if I want to
Aren’t you going to bet first
Oh, forgot
That’s a big bet, are you going to call now
I call, three queens
Three kings, you lose

Want to take part in the WEEKEND WRITING PROMPT#197 Write a story or poem with just 41 words, no more no less, and send it to Sammi Cox.

10 responses

  1. Clever, Ted! Good one. 🙂

  2. Some one needs to brush up on their poker skills!

  3. Gave it away, didn’t he?

  4. Sounds like Marty was playing! LOL

  5. Excellent, I don’t think many realize how difficult it is to only be allowed 41 words. Well done.

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  6. Dear Ted,

    I’ll call and raise a bravo! Good one.



    PS I used your ‘cremated remains’ photo this past week in FF.

  7. That’s why only play Snap and Sevens

    Thanks for your FF picture last week.

    My 41!

  8. Dang! Doesn’t that suck when you think you’ve got a sure thing…

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