Left or Right

“Which way should we go?”
“Why ask me, you’re driving?”
“Yes, but you’re the navigator.”
“What do you mean I’m the navigator?”
“You’re sitting in the navigator’s seat. Use your phone thingy.
“I’m sitting here because you’re driving. ‘Siri!’ See she doesn’t answer.”
“You have to say ‘Hey Siri!!!’.”
“Hey Siri, you bitch, where’s the outlet mall?”
I won’t respond to that.
“You aren’t supposed to talk to Siri like that, she won’t help us.”
“This trip was your idea, Ethel, I’d think you’d know where you’re going.”
“I know where I’m going, which way left or right, dammit?”

Sandra Crook’s photo, she writes as castelsarrasin, made think of a road trip to a shopping mall for Friday Fictioneers this week.

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11 responses

  1. I prefer a real map, Ted, they don’t sulk!

  2. Just keep turning left. At least they’ll get back to where they started.

  3. A couple not meant to travel much, especially with each other.

  4. Well, it’s an adventure at least!

  5. A misadventure for sure

  6. Good one Ted, great picture to go with it.

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  7. Dear Ted,

    Cheryl and Ethel are a trip in and of themselves. Love ’em.



  8. I’m just glad I’m not driving behind them, is all.

  9. Well, they get on well don’t they! Nice one Ted.

    My story!

  10. Watch out for those cows.
    In the field, dear.
    Never trust a reluctant navigator, that’s what I say.

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