Declutter Day


In the basement of a three flat walkup in Wicker Park…

“I don’t know why you are tossing perfectly good hair curlers, Cheryl.”

“I’ve got no further use for these, Ethel, that’s why.”

“Look at this macrame pot hanger, why aren’t you using it.”

“I hate it.”

“I love this old chair, what’s wrong with this.”

“It’s broken and I’ve got a new chair, you know that.”

“Love these decorations.”

“Ethel, you’re supposed to be helping me take this stuff out to the curb. If you love it so much take it home.”

“I don’t want your junk, Cheryl.”

P6060014.JPG – Version 2

OLWG #148

The prompt I used was… I’ve got no further use for these.  The other two were…  writing is like sex and courage is a weapon. Knock yourself if you want to write some flash fiction.

Here is what I got in 25 mins or less, as directed by tnkerr As with almost all Ethel & Cheryl stories… 100 words exactly.

Thought I’d also share this one with AnythingGoes!

My Random Musings


7 responses

  1. Love Cheryl and Ethel. Thanks for letting them have a go.

    1. Always a fun time at nuolwg, TN.

  2. Ha , they could be someone in every family in the world!

  3. I never count words for Aooga… I can see so much of this in my own home and wonder why I haven’t tossed more Junk… I’m working on it though.
    I played here: Error Era?

    1. Me too, Jules, my kids won’t be happy when I go.

      1. I try the rule; “For every one thing in two have to go…” Does it work? Eh? Maybe. Sometimes I go on binges and get rid of stuff. But I think I need a few more binges… 😉

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