Hinterland… 87 Words


Near the end of the Zoom class, Sadie took a sip of her white zin and said to her friends, ” I don’t know what to do with this assignment.”
“What is it?”
I’ve gotta write a flash fiction using the word Hinterland, no idea what that means.”
“You’ve a dictionary, right?”
“Oh for God’s sake, Beth, ask Alexa, Sadie.”
“No Google it,” chimed in Marcie.
“No, no ask Siri.”
“Please, Donna, Siri doesn’t know everything.”
“I think maybe a movie,” offered Betty.
“Sammi’s here, I’ll ask her.”


Want to take part in the WEEKEND WRITING PROMPT#166? Write a story or poem with just 87 words, no more no less, and send it to Sammi Cox.

9 responses

  1. Go ask Sammi. What a cop ouot. Good story. Enjoyed it.

  2. way to weave it in!

  3. Sounds like a movie to me! 😆

  4. A wonderful non story story!

  5. Oh for crying out loud, Ted. Just write the story. 😉 I enjoyed the banter. Too many resources at our fingertips.



  6. We actually asked Alexa. 😂

    1. 😀 I’m sure she knew!

  7. At least not knowing Hinterland didn’t Hinder you!

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