Play Barbie for Me


© Jean L. Hays

“Sally!!! If you ask me one more time today what time it’s coming, I’m putting you on a time out!”

“It’s on the truck. Supposed to be here today! Why isn’t it here?”

“Well today’s not over. What do you mean it’s on the truck? How do you know that?”

“Gramma showed me. She said it’s coming today and I want that Barbie.”

“Oh for god’s sake you have enough Barbies! How are you getting another one?”

“My nice gramma ordered it.”

“Well ask her or get dressed and wait on the porch for the UPS guy.”

‘”Nah, gonna play Barbies now.”

🚚   🚚   🚚   🚚   🚚   🚚   🚚   🚚   🚚  🚚

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Got this story the moment I saw the photo… Thanks Rochelle…Friday Fictioneers

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27 responses

  1. Yep, this is my kids when they know something’s coming. And not me at all, I wouldn’t behave like that…

    1. Yes all kids, me too. But that Little Sally is something else. I’m waiting for the truck to bring me a new cutting board for the kitchen right now.

  2. Did she really need another Barbie? I am not sure.

    1. It’s been my experience you cannot have enough Barbies.

  3. Barbie will do that to you…. I know what it feels like as I anxiously awaited months for my glitter shoes to arrive

    1. You and Dorthy, what color are your glitter shoes?

      1. mine are silvery with all colors, casual slip-ons

  4. Oh my kids each had different ways of nagging/ pestering, I recognise this one! Great tale Ted.

    1. Thanks, Polly. What is your favorite way to nag/pester, I think I can guess maybe.

      1. Oh I’m not sure, to present the person with a win :win situation I guess – giving in to me is good for them too!

  5. I wonder what the not-nice gramma has in mind for her

  6. Kids, they always test your patience. Nice one 🙂

  7. Instead of ‘are we there yet’, it’s ‘is it here yet’! Impatient little devils!

    Here’s mine!

    1. I remember ‘are we there yet’!

  8. I never could get into barbies but I do know what it is to wait for something – FOREVER!
    Grandma is a little too generous, methinks.

    1. That’s a grandparent for you.

      1. Yes, they are on a whole ‘nother level

      2. Yep, and I’m one of the worst.

  9. I know from experience with my stepdaughter – you can never have enough Barbie’s.

  10. Dear Ted,

    Silly me. I’m old enough to remember when you got one Barbie. Striped swimsuit, ponytail and high heeled shoes. Mine had red hair. Then you collected the different outfits.
    Does “nice grandma” spoil Sally just a bit? Of course. That’s her job. 😉 Good one.



    1. Yes, I remember that too… And, of course that’s our job.

  11. Well, at least she won’t be nagging to know why it is not arrived … Either wait by the gate or go play with what you already have … 😉

  12. I’m so glad Barbie was just arriving in the world when I was a kid. My oldest sister and I each got ONE then I was allowed to buy Midge. Middle sister would rather climb trees than play dolls. Great story of impatient childhood (and adulthood as well.)

  13. Hey, you can never have too many Barbies! What a lovely gramma. =)

  14. Little Sally is a handful :). Good thing she has a willing partner in her grandmother.

  15. As a kid, I remember the angst of waiting five minutes let alone an hour ! Adults just don’t get it !

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