Little Sally Cooks

Early one morning, a girl is in the kitchen…

“Damn toaster!”

Grandma enters…

“Sally, what language, that’s not lady like.”

“Well, I’m not a lady yet.”

“With talk like that you never will be. Why are you up so early and what’s the problem, honey?”

“I was hungry. I put my raisin bread in and I can’t get it out. It’s stuck and I want it.”

“I thought I smelled something. Did you lift the lever up-and-down?”

“Why would I do that?”

“That’s how you get it to pop up.”

“Thanks Gram.”

Little Sally flicks the lever…

“It’s burnt.”


✴︎ ✴︎ ✴︎ ✴︎ ✴︎ ✴︎

That’s what I got from the photo prompt, courtesy of  Ronda Del Boccio. Weird, huh? Write a story for Friday Fictioneers or read other stories, probably more about balloons, by clicking the frog.

17 responses

  1. Getting the right setting on a toaster is tricky – and then someone always changes the setting just when you have it perfect!

  2. I feel her pain

  3. lol good one i enjoyed txs ted

  4. Ha ha ha. I’m laughing over here, Ted.

  5. Don’t let her anywhere near the damn stove!

    Here’s mine!

  6. Dear Ted,

    Little Sally has a lot to learn. Hopefully Grandma will fix her another piece of raisin bread toast. Cute piece.



  7. I hate it when that happens.

  8. Aw… I’m sure it will all work out. True story: toasters always used to freak me out at as a kid. Much like balloons. I don’t like things that make loud, unexpected noises. (Also, alarm clocks. To this day I set alarms knowing I’ll probably get up before it goes off so I don’t have to hear it go off.) What is up with that??

  9. Little Sally is a bit of a drama queen!

  10. Why do kitchen appliances have to be some complicated?

  11. If only lives problems were burnt toast. I bet Gram can use the Internet easier than Sally.

  12. Show me one toaster that toasts perfectly on the first shot!
    I can’t help but think of the movie Kate and Leopold where he, an inventor, finagles the toaster so that it is just right!

  13. I loved the simplicity of this Ted. Toasters are tricksy appliances – I’m with Sally!

  14. I thought it should come up by itself…. but at least she didn’t try to get it up with a knife.

  15. You know, you are right. This is 2020, toasters really should be better.

  16. Haha burned toast Quite a little drama.

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