Fade… 17 Words


“Hey, what’s that Stone’s song, Fade Away or Fade to Black?”

Not Fade Away, fool.”

“Oh, thanks.”


🎸   🎸   🎸   🎸   🎸   🎸   🎸

Want to take part in the WEEKEND WRITING PROMPT? Write a story or poem with just 17 words, no more no less, and send it to Sammi Cox.



I thought of my daughter Ashley, who is a huge Stones fan, when I saw this prompt. She can sing every song. You can pretend I speak the first line and she says the second.


This is a clip from the Mike Douglas Show in 1964. It’s hilarious and you do get to see them do Not Fade Away, kind of.


And, if you like Not Fade Away… have you heard Buddy Holly do it?

And… Jerry would be pissed if I left out the Dead!

Then, there’s Stevie Nicks.

And I saved the best for last… Austin City Limits… 20 musicians tearing a new one. Wait till you see who they are… I didn’t know Sheryl Crow played the harmonica… 11 guitars.

8 responses

  1. Dear Ted,

    Now there’s a song that’s not going to fade away anytime soon. I was almost afraid to scroll down. 😉 (i adore Jeff Bridges <3…thought you'd want to know.) Good one.



    1. Yes, Jeff is a real talent. That is quite a line-up, loved seeing Sheryl Crow play the harmonica.

  2. That was a nice Sunday morning wake-up. Thanks, Ted.

    1. Glad you enjoyed, a nice way to start the day for sure I’m listening now.

  3. Problem, when you add so many fabulous videos, is we almost forget the lovely bit of writing you did! So first off, great intro.
    That clip from the Mike Douglas show was hilarious. I love how each cover is so different, showing all the variations. That last one though… Fab!
    Thanks for that, Ted!

    1. Thank you for the fun words, Dale. I was only going to do the Stones and then kept finding all these other vids. I would love to have been at that Austin concert. And Mike Douglas was so funny, so real, can you imagine that today in this so overthought and everything has to be perfect. Those were the early days of that type of programing.

  4. […] Image credit: Ted Strutz […]

  5. Hey you most certainly can’t expect to get too much better than Buddy Holly.

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