St. Paddy’s Tacos


Here is a story I wrote in 2012 when I was fairly new to blogging and attempting to be a writer. I was trying to write a Haiku, it was fun, but the story behind it was more fun to write. I bring it back every year in case you have not read it… St. Paddy’s Tacos

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  1. I’ve worked in a few ‘restaurants’ in my day. Dad was a part owner of an evening venue in NYC – they offered up green beer. Nothing new really. But they gave you a choice just in case. And low and behold a miracle – you order regular or green and out of the same tap you got what you asked for. Years later I found out the secret…

    I sent you an email (a day or so ago), might have ended up in spam?… Reply to this and I’ll tell you the secret of the green beer – but you probably know it already 🙂

    1. I’m guessing he put a little green food coloring in the bottom of the glass before pulling the handle on the tap. Clever trick.

      1. Actually they more or less divided up the glassware the night before and depending on what you wanted… just pulled the ‘green dot’ glass from the correct section 😉

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