Little Sally Gets a Surprise


© C. E. Ayr

Bobby and Little Sally are playing in the backyard, it’s been raining something terrible for a week now and this was the first sunny day.

“🎶Ring around the rosy,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down! 🎶”

“Sally!!! You didn’t fall down!.”

“I don’t wanna get my dress dirty, Bobby. No one says you have to fall down.”

Enter Mother, who puts something in the birdbath as Bobby and Little Sally start going in a circle agin.

🎶Ring around the… Mother! What’s that water doing there?”

“The sun is finally out, my new Solar Garden Fountain™!”

🌼   🌹   💐   🌸   🌻   🥀   🌷

Little Sally thought you might like to see Mother’s new birdbath fountain, so she took a photo for you with her new camera.



keck-ff (1)


When I saw this photo of the fountain, by C. E. Ayr , I immediately thought of a photo I have of my father and his siblings gathered around a pond in their backyard in the 30’s. Like everyone else at that time they did not have a ‘pot to piss in’, but they did have a large garden where they grew food and shared with the neighbors. My father is the big one, Emily to his right and Bill, Laura and Gary to the left. There were goldfish in the pond and they are posing for Pops, I imagine. 


I have one other photo, I would like to think it was a fountain, with my Uncle Gary, the youngest, maybe he played Ring Around the Rosy with Emily. 


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18 responses

  1. Excellent post and thanks for sharing the photos. I’m nosy like that…

  2. Cute story, Ted! Love the photo of your family. Very cool.

  3. Very fun story and glad it spurred family memories with photos to share. Solar fountain sounds like something the birds here would love.

  4. Well that raises all sorts of new games possiilities

  5. Loved the pictures and the story. Thanks for sharing Ted!

  6. Fun story, Ted, and I am intrigued by your version of the song.
    In Scotland and, I believe, in England too, the words are:
    Ring-a-ring o’ roses,
    A pocket full of posies,
    A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
    We all fall down.

    I am also happy that my photo triggered such great memories for you.

  7. Fun story and cool pictures. I love old pictures. They remind me of old movies. There’s something romantic about dressing up for little things like taking a picture.

  8. Glad to see all the kids in the flash and in the photos playing around the fountains.

  9. This was utterly lovely, Ted! And thank you so much for sharing your family photos!

  10. A fine collection of fountain memories 🙂

  11. It’s lovely when the weekly prompt dredges up a memory.

  12. I love the family connection.

  13. Loved your story, and the family pics as well. Good memories.

  14. A delightful story and some lovely pictures! Nice one.

  15. A delightful story and some lovely pictures! Nice one.

  16. Dear Ted,

    You score with a sweet story and the awesome photos. Thank you for sharing those,



  17. Nice story and great photos

  18. Beautiful picture and story. It’s lovely when a story stirs memories.

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