The Alameda… OLWG #145



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Sacramento Bee Ad July 7 1955

One afternoon when I was 16 we went to a burlesque house called the Alameda. Three punk high school kids with fake IDs; the big deal was to try to get in the Alameda back then. We were scared shitless we would get caught, they didn’t care just took our money. This was in the late 50’s; it was an old theater that had seen better days, the kind with a little ticket booth out front. Everyone in there was smoking, so you watched the show through a haze highlighted by the stage lights. There was a three-piece band, as I recall, or at least a drummer. We watched some women glide around onstage and swing their breasts to make their tassels twirl. Just didn’t see what the big deal was, so after a few dancers we left. But, we had bragging rights.

I would love to say I saw Tempest Storm, but I didn’t. One thing is certain, I will never forget that experience.

I should tell you about the Moonlight Ranch sometime.

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OLWG #145

One of the prompts this week was… smoky stage lights… That made me think of this story.

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The Alameda Theatre opened as the Nippon Theatre in 1907 and sat 450. The theatre closed in 1960 during the redevelopment boom in Sacramento. And, Tempest Storm did play there.

8 responses

  1. That’s a real life teenage boy story. What street was the Alameda on?

    > >

    1. L St between 3rd and 4th.

  2. Memoir or fiction? I am hoping memoir…. Sad truth in that fantasy always seems to out-shine reality- but the bragging rights, and the memory kinda makes the disillusionment worth it… kind of…

  3. This is wonderful, Ted. Still bragging after all these years.
    Thanks for playing along.

    1. Thanks for the prompts. Funny what pops into your mind when you look at a prompt. I was glad to find the photos, not much written about the Alameda.

  4. Did your mum ever find out you had been so naughty?

    What a fantastic memory! I think it is funny that you were not impressed by swinging boobs! At the age of 16 I would’ve thought it would’ve been the highlight of your year! 😆

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