Mother, what big eyes you have…


“Eyes Without a Face” by Digital Collage Artist Robin Isely

Mother’s putting a pie into the oven. Little Sally enters…

“Mother, what big eyes you have.”

“I think it’s grandmother what big eyes you have, Sally.”

“I’m not red riding hood, silly. I mean you, you had big eyes.”

“What are you talking about? And don’t call me silly.”

Little Sally holds out a photograph. Mother stares at the photograph.

“Oh, Sally!”

“Mommy, why are you crying?”

“Where did you find this, Sally?”

“Sticking out of a poem book grandma has. What kinda picture is that?”

“It’s called a polaroid. First time I met your father, I’m looking at him.”

👀    👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀     👀

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 10.16.05 AM

Sunday Muse # 98

The Sunday Muse is weekly photo prompt site for writers, poets, and blogging enthusiasts. Our goal is to keep you inspired and keep you writing.

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I was reading Björn Rudberg’s blog and saw his story, Hardwood Floor, an excellent piece of science fiction. I had not seen The Sunday Muse prompts before and this photo mesmerized me, I had to write a story. Not sure what to do, is it right for Little Sally or maybe Ethel & Cheryl? I thought of Ethel buying a print of one of Margaret Keane’s children and Cheryl being a bitch about it, dismissed that, and from big eyes I had a story.  Let me know what you think if you have followed LS. Is there more than meets the eye in this story?

8 responses

  1. Had a few good shivers reading this!

  2. I LOVE this story! Big eyes “I was looking at him.” Sigh. Loved it.

  3. This is winner story! You should start a new category for writers at the fair. Photo prompt with VERY short story.


  4. Beverly Crawford | Reply

    It is such a revelation where the weekly photo prompt leads our minds! Every week is an adventure!

  5. Very touching, Ted. I had no idea where the story was heading. What a beautiful ending.

  6. Hi Ted,
    I just noticed that you have not seen a message I sent you on 1 January in Messenger. I will say thank you here for the wonderful surprise package that arrived here on Friday. I have both the mandalas displayed together now. They look fantastic on my bookshelf. I am really enjoying the smooth music, too! But of course the best part was the photobooth strip! Thank you so much! X x x Katie

  7. So much said in such big eyes… Maybe your eyes get bigger when you have something to look at.

  8. How lovely. The first glance and then catching it again. Would definitely bring a tear to the eye.

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