Epoch… 27 Words


The writer desperately struggled to write. The word he was supposed to use was Epoch. Unfortunately Little Sally had never heard of that word.

So, no story.

⦿   ⦿   ⦿   ⦿

Want to take part in the WEEKEND WRITING PROMPT? Write a story or poem with just 27 words, no more no less, and send it to Sammi Cox.


13 responses

  1. A no-story story!

  2. An extremely creative way around writer’s block, Ted!

    1. Your latest Photobooth Journal post was fabulous, Katherine.

      1. Thanks so much, Ted! I have been enjoying your latest offerings too. X x

  3. Dear Ted,

    That’s what you get for letting a little girl write your story. 😉 (Teach little Sally the wonders of a dictionary.)



    1. Didn’t think of that.

    2. Actually, Little Sally has picked out a photo for you, Rochelle.

  4. My friend Rosey though epoch was a disease, which reminds me to thank you so much for reading so many of her stories yesterday, Cheers Ted.

    1. Oh dear. I did enjoy reading about her.

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