Little Sally and the Library Cat


Little Sally looked at the cat.

The cat looked at Little Sally.

‘What is a cat doing in a library,’ thought little Sally. Little Sally didn’t particularly care for cats; she thought they were sneaky.

The cat didn’t particularly care for little girls; she didn’t think they were trustworthy.

“What’s that cats name?“

“Rainbow,” said the lady behind the desk.

Little Sally thought she looked unhappy by the door. She thought of all cats as girls, all dogs, boys.

She opened the front door wide and Rainbow dashed out, ‘Good riddance, no sneaky library cats while I’m reading.’

🐱    🐱    🐱    🐱    🐱    🐱    🐱    🐱    🐱    🐱


February 20: Flash Fiction Challenge

February 20, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a library cat named Rainbow who escapes. Use this situation to write what happens next. Where does this e=situation take place, and who else might be involved? Go where the prompt leads!

Cat drawing by nef

Special thanks to Ula Grace of Rutgers U for proofreading my story and saying it was cute.


15 responses

  1. took care of her problem handily

  2. Yep. It was cute.
    Cats are sneaky 🤪

  3. I was amused by the cat’s take on Sally and Sally’s take on the cat. Sounds real throughout.

  4. In the end we will never know who was happier Rainbow or Sally.

    1. Both, I’m sure, Margie.

  5. Sneaky cat didn’t trust that Sally! And what a funny point you bring up about animals and gender. I know people who do that.

  6. Rainbow’s great escape. I bet both Sally and Rainbow were happy with the outcome. Hope Rainbow doesn’t bump into any dogs out there.

  7. […] Little Sally and the Library Cat by tedstrutz […]

  8. I loved this one. And she’s right that cats can be sneaky. Do you know I’ve never heard of anyone with the name Ula other then my grandmother.

    1. Really? Your grandmother is the first Ula I have heard of other than my Ula.

      1. Weird, isn’t it? I don’t even know where the name comes from our where my great-grandparents would have gotten it. Grandma (now passed away) was born in 1909. Ula Gladwyn Grant. Isn’t that a cool name? Think I might use it for a book sometime.

      2. I know that it means an Alaskan knife. I asked her mother and she said the Celtic meaning is: ‘a jewel from the sea’. She was conceived at Koh Tao Thailand at a bay where there was a rock in the water called the baby rock. I doubt if your grandmother’s parents were at Koh Tao, but Gladwyn sounds UK’ish so the Celtic fits. Yes, definitely use that name in a book. Be sure to look at Ula’s stories. I have been enjoying yours.

      3. I just looked at your photographs. The setting sun, the baby girl, the shoe in the grass, the puddle beneath her feet, priceless.

  9. That’s a cute story. Cats are notorious for being sneaky. That don’t trust people that easily either! In the end, both parties were happy.

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