Little Sally Pulls a Prank



Mother’s holding Bobby’s hand as they ride up to the second floor. Mother is not happy, her daughter has disappeared. Again. She’d call once more, except she does not want to cause a scene in Nordstroms. This is their third trip from first floor to the fourth and then down again, waiting for Grandmother to finish her shopping in foundations. Grandmother is very picky when it comes to her drawers, and likes to take her time.  As if anyone would ever see them, thinks Mother.


Mother hears snickering behind her and turns to see Little Sally, smirking.


👙  👙  👙  👙  👙  👙  👙  👙  👙  👙  👙  👙


Here is where to find Friday Fictioneers and read leader Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. I sent Rochelle this photo taken by Swedish photographer, Ulrika Undén who exhibits her works at INSTAOLOGY, because I knew it would make a perfect prompt for flash fiction.



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I remember riding the elevator with my grandmother in Hale’s Department Store in Sacramento in the ’50s, and I think it was the second floor, the operator would call out “Lady’s Wear and Foundations.” I alway’s though it was such a funny word. I wrote another story about ‘foundations’ you can find it here… Foundations Please!

23 responses

  1. it sure can while the time away while waiting for grandma, but it’s something mom can’t appreciate. 🙂

  2. I can see the little girl riding the escalator for fun. The story brings back memories!

  3. There’s nothing quite like fun on the escalators while waiting on Granny!

  4. Nice character sketch

  5. You captured the moment. Either this took place in an earlier, less paranoid time (i imagine Mad Men–probably from the association with the old reading primers, Dick and Sally, from the sixties, though that might predate malls) or you portrayed those few seconds after a child disappears, but before panic truly sets in. I , for one, was very relieved when Sally showed up.

  6. I guess it was Dick and Jane–but wasnt there a Sally too?

  7. There’s always a laugh to be had from drawers, and you don’t disappoint! I like the way you have Sally hide from Mother, and then giggle about it.

  8. Dear Ted,

    I had little Sally in boy form. My youngest could be counted upon to wander off. Cute story. Hey! Grandma’s drawers are important to her no matter who sees them. 😉 Thanks to Ulrika for the inspiring photo. I’m always open to good ones.



  9. This was a fun one – though as a mother who has searched for her son more than once, I can commiserate. Gotta do something to pass the time while Grandma looks for her right fit!
    And thank you to Ulrika for the photo!

  10. I can confirm kids still find escalators an endless source of amusement!

  11. My goddaughter used to do that to me. We’d go to Wal-Mart, and she would hide. She thought it was so funny. I finally had to get stern about it. “You cannot hide from me in the store!”

  12. Typical of me as a child! Loved this Ted!

  13. I haven’t heard them called foundations for years! A delightfully different take Ted.

  14. Escalators are always fun.
    I’ve lost a few kids on them over the years, but occasionally one finds me again.

  15. Older people are particularly fussy about their underwear. I don’t know why that it is, but I remember my Gran searching high and low for her corsets as they rapidly went out of fashion.

  16. A nice snippet of life and a fun story, Ted. My son was enthralled with escalators and “escaped” on one visit to the store long ago. Then, he really didn’t know what to do when he got to the top. I was relieved (happy) and mad, laughing and crying, when I found him in the company of a lovely sales clerk.

  17. Nice to read something different, I hope gran finds the most comfortable fit,

  18. Ha! This is a cute story. 😊

  19. My mom wore her “foundation” (aka girdle) until we had to put her in a nursing home and they wouldn’t let her keep it on. She was furious! No lady went without a girdle!

  20. Reminds me of my own grandmother ❤

  21. I thought foundations was the makeup women wear today! interesting choice of word for underwear.

  22. Nice memoir snapshot, Ted.

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