“Hi, Cheryl, it’s me Ethel.”
“Okay, what do you want?”
“Cheryl, why do you always think I want something?”
“Because you always do, Ethel. I can tell by the perky way you say ‘Hi, Cheryl’. So, cut to the chase, what is it?”
“Well be that way, but since you ask, you have a snow shovel don’t you?”
“I do, and so do you. You got one when you worked at Wal-Mart, remember?”
“I can’t find it, I think I let someone borrow it.”
“That’s why I have mine, I don’t lend. Why?”
“My walk, could you shovel it.”

☃️  ☃️  ☃️  ☃️  ☃️  ☃️  ☃️  ☃️  ☃️  ☃️  ☃️


Some 100 Word Flash Fiction based on the photo of Dale Rogerson’s front yard she sent Rochelle for this week’s story prompt. Do drop by Friday Fictioneers if you want to write a story, and click on the frog to read all the stories, some may feature snow:





11 responses

  1. Never loan out your shovel because that’s when the snow storm will hit from out of nowhere.😆

  2. Nice twist in the punchline

  3. Some people know how to negotiate to their advantage. Well being a nice neighbour can be frustrating at times.

  4. Can’t blame her for trying – it is pretty cold out there!

    Here’s mine!

  5. Lovely humorous twist, and you set it up beautifully!

  6. Dear Ted,

    I have a sense of just how Cheryl might add to that maniacal laughter. Always fun to read the girls.



  7. Perfect set-up for the punch line. These two women could have a sitcom, like Lucy and Ethel 🙂

  8. My front yard, eh? Hah!
    Shovels should never be leant… Too funny. Always love Ethel and Cheryl

  9. Neighbors are the best of times and the worst of times, which one it is depends on a toss of the coin. Sounds like she lost the toss on this one.

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