New Fridge

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Little Sally drug the kitchen chair across the linoleum, spoon in hand. She was positive she had seen a Ben & Jerry’s container when Grandmother had been putting away the groceries. She had been to market, that’s what she called it, market. Mother and everyone else she knew said going to the grocery store.

Little Sally did not like Mother’s new refrigerator. At all. She desperately wanted the old one back. She did like playing with the water thing on the door, and popping out ice cubes. But this freezer was on the top. What was up with that?


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FRIDAY FICTIONEERS… Write them a story or just read some of theirs. Thanks to Na’ama Yehuda for the photo prompt. Click on this frog, borrowed from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields:

My Random Musings
Thought I’d send this story over to AnythingGoes


14 responses

  1. Kids will always find a way to get to the good stuff!

  2. Caught in the act! You give us Sally’s approximate age very cleverly by showing us what she does and how she thinks. I can just imagine Granny’s horror at seeing Sally teetering on the kitchen stool as she tries to yank open the freezer door.

  3. You have to admire her determination!

    Here’s mine!

  4. Dear Ted,

    This sounds like something little Rochelle would’ve done…did do as a child. Come to think of it, I still have to stand on a chair. 😉 Cute story.



  5. I get the impression little Sally has moved continents, with the consequent muddle in terminology. After all that upheaval she deserves icecream.

  6. This was absolutely charming – as a bystander watching, not as a mother dealing!!

  7. I guess she’ll have to grow up a bit before she can get to the freezer easily.

  8. This feels a lot like stream of consciousness. Little Sally has a mind of her own and the will to act on it.

  9. Determined little one, but what wouldn’t a little one do for ice cream? Maybe after her “scolding,” her grandmother can get her a scoop. Charming story, Ted!

  10. Cute, what fun she can have in only sixty seconds.

  11. I loved the sudden transition from Sally’s thoughts too the one-word jolt of reality–Sally! Good one.

  12. I have a feeling that this was a “child-safe” freezer… but on Sally such things don’t work

  13. The ice maker is a great thing to play with. hehe #AnythingGoes

  14. thisiswhereitis at | Reply

    Haha, kids are checky monkeys X #anythinggoes

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