Barricade… 136 Words


Ethel slips past the barricade, with Cheryl hot on her heels.

“Ethel! What the hell are you doing? We aren’t supposed to go in there.”

“Oh silly, you know I like to live dangerously.”

“I think I would say foolishly. And you don’t follow rules!”

Ethel, tired of discussing the matter takes off down the dark hall. “I want to see what they are doing.”

Cheryl catches up as Ethel is peeking around a corner into the lit exhibition hall. She peeks around too. People wearing white gloves are positioning artworks on the wall.

“That’s Andy Warhol. I didn’t know you were a big Warhol fan.”

“I’m not, Cheryl, but I’m a big Marilyn fan. You know that.”

“Oh yes, I remember your blonde phase.”

They didn’t hear the guard behind them.

“Look, there she is!”

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 11.41.33 AM

If you like Marilyn as much as Ethel and I and happen to be in Chicago, you can see ANDY WARHOL – FROM A TO B AND BACK AGAIN at The Art Institute right now. I wrote this with my friend Aggie Reilly in mind, who lives in Chicago and loves Marilyn too.


Want to take part in the WEEKEND WRITING PROMPT? Write a story or poem with just 136 words, no more no less, and send it to Sammi Cox.

12 responses

  1. Sweet! I’ll be in Chicago in a couple of weeks. Now I know what to see. Thanks for the post.

    1. You are welcome, Cindy. I would love to see it. I used to live there and went to the AI all the time, Nighthawks my fave.

      1. Oh, yeah. My hometown is 100 miles away in the cornfields. But I have nothing but fond memories every time I visted her. The art alone is worth a drive into the chaos.

  2. Dear Ted,

    Isn’t it interesting we both went for artists this week? Go for it, Ethel! Wish I were going to be in Chicago soon.



    1. It’s funny how prompts work and where your mind goes and what story comes out.

  3. You know I love me some Ethel and Cheryl! Fun use of the prompt, Ted.

    1. Thanks, Dale, this was a fun one and found the perfect exhibit.

  4. This was cool and vivid! You write dialogue well!

    1. Thank you, my favorite thing to do!

      1. That’s a blessing. I’ve known so many who have had trouble with dialogue before. But you made it so natural.

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