Little Sally Does The Dishes


“I don’t wanna do the dishes, I’m too little!”, huffed Little Sally.
” You are not too little to eat the food I cook, are you?”
“Then you are not too little to do the dishes. Time you did some chores, young lady. Besides you can stand on a chair.”
Little Sally drags a kitchen chair across the linoleum to the sink.
“I’ll get all wet. Probably get water all over the floor. Maybe break some dishes.”
“No you won’t if you know what’s good for you, Sally.”
Water runs, soap bubbles, Mother watches.
“Hey, this is kind of fun.”

✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧


Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields … go see this week’s FF Challenge. This is the 100 words I got from Ronda Del Boccio’s photo prompt, it looks like my sink, except mine is full of dishes. I wonder how Little Sally did?

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18 responses

  1. I can’t wait ’til she mows the lawn! 🙂

  2. too cute, loved it
    txs for share

  3. Yeah, about the first two times. Then it just cuts into playtime… Nice write Ted.

  4. They are great in the beginning… trying to keep them up with it, is another thing…

  5. Ha, this exact thing happened to me when I was little! I stood on a chair too and it was quite fun 🙂 It’s not fun any more 😦

  6. Enjoy this moment of fun. There are going to be many more of them throughout life.

  7. I thought she might break something on purpose! Glad she didn’t

  8. I liked that – great dialogue

  9. Dear Ted,

    Today it’s fun. Wait until the novelty wears off. 😉 Cute story.



  10. Get them trained early, that’s the way! 😉

  11. What a delightful little tale. I bet she’ll love polishing!

    Here’s my story!

  12. Smart Mama, happy child. It’s important for them to be a functioning part of the family.

  13. Love the scene you created. I remembered my two kids when little standing on chairs to “help” with the dishes. Lots of clean up afterwards. Nicely done!

  14. And also it’s pretty good to get warm… Sally will start to get used to it… hopes her brother will learn to do it as well.

  15. Little Sally is being taught well by her parent. I enjoyed reading the scenario you set up, Ted.

  16. I agree with mother. Sally must learn to extend a helping hand to mother in the kitchen. A little work would do no harm to her.

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