Aurora… 28 Words








“You’ve heard of the Golden Gate Bridge?”
“Meet the Aurora. Favorite spot in the Pacific Northwest.”
“230 and counting. 15 stories down.”
“Oh dear, that’s sad.”

Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 11.38.44 AM

Not my usual fare, but this is what came to mind when I saw the prompt.

Want to take part in the WEEKEND WRITING PROMPT? Write a story or poem with just 28 words, no more no less, and send it to Sammi Cox.


6 responses

  1. Well done, Ted.
    And what sad statistics…

    1. Yes. It is the #2 bridge in the U.S after the GG.

      1. For suicides? How awful! (GG being the Golden Gate in San Francisco?)

  2. Dear Ted,

    How tragic. Well written, but tragic just the same.



  3. I live a few miles from the UK’s hot-spot for jumpers – the 600ft cliff at Beachy Head. Average 26 a year according to the latest stats. An interesting take Ted.

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