Crash Bang Boing



Little Sally was standing on a high stool with a pair of long kitchen tongs trying to get down one of the frying pans that Father had suspended from the ceiling on a hook over a fishing line.

Crash bang boing… skillet bouncing across the tile floor Little Sally quickly jumping down and scurrying after it hoping no one had heard the calamitous noise Grandmother said something like ‘waking the dead’ once and it had stuck in Little Sally’s mind and that’s all she could think of as Mother was napping in the adjoining room.

“Sally!  What are you doing?!?!”

⨳ ⨳ ⨳ ⨳ ⨳ ⨳ ⨳ ⨳ ⨳ ⨳ ⨳


Little Sally returns to FridayFictioneers… the frog leads you to more stories based on J Hardy Carroll’s photo prompt…

12 responses

  1. I think at least she managed to wake the heavy sleeper…

  2. The ending of this story reminds me of my mother and dad. As a child they always corrected my grammar and would go balastic if I ever used a double negative, even with such a simple question, so instead of replying ‘nothing’ I would answer ANYTHING!!

  3. Worry more about waking the living. I see trouble ahead

  4. I assume she will be forgiven when she reveals she was trying to make them a breakfast in bed!

  5. Dear Ted,

    Oops. Looks like she woke the living Mom. My guess is this could end with a scolding from a groggy mother. I was afraid little Sally would fall and hurt herself. Nicely done.



  6. I’m guessing she had good intentions – shame it went wrong!

    Here’s my story.

  7. Run, Little Sally, run!

  8. I’m out of breath reading about poor little Sally’s adventure!
    Methinks she might have woken up more than Mom…

  9. Poor Sally. Tried so hard, but everything was stacked against her 🙂

  10. Now little Sally is in trouble. Why did she have to take the frying pan down after a full lunch?

  11. A cute story with good sound effects, Ted. Maybe not the dead but the dead tired was now awake. I hope it didn’t crack the tile. 🙂 — Suzanne

  12. Totally her father’s fault for putting that stuff up there! 😉
    Fun read.

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