The Safebreaker’s Daughter


“Hi, Ethel, how’s the crime story? Did the guy find his keys?”
“I didn’t like that he lost the keys, so I changed it.”
“Ethel! You are the one who wrote that he lost his keys!”
“Whatever, Cheryl, now the bad guy is a woman.”
“Okay. How far have you gotten.”
“Nothing written yet, but it’s a great plot. She’s following in the footsteps of her father. He’s in prison for burglary. It’s called The Safebreaker’s Daughter.”
“I think it’s safecracker.”
“No it’s safebreaker, it takes place in London. That’s what Betty said they’re called, and she’s half English.”

(to see where this story started   Security Guard)

❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ 


I loved this prompt by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch Literary Community… here’s the prompt: August 29, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about the safebreaker’s daughter. Who is she, what did she do, and where? Go where the prompt leads you!

There is even a song called The Safebreaker’s Daughter by Mean Mary

12 responses

  1. […] Hey, I just wrote a follow-up to this story, check it out and let me know what you think… The Safebreaker’s Daughter […]

  2. Ooooo – this was a lively take – like the breaker vs cracker
    And going to check on the song now

    1. Thank you, Prior. I was trying to see where this was going as I was writing, that’s where it went. I was pleased.

      1. It flowed where it needed to – 😉

  3. “nothing written yet”… that’s familiar.
    You sure have fun with these two.

    1. Yes, I do. Thank you, D.

  4. Plotting and mapping the characters. We can call it the groundwork before construction. Great take on the prompt, Ted!

    1. Yes, but will Ethel ever get it on paper? Thanks, Charli, and thanks for the prompt.

  5. Oooh…now I gotta go back 😉

  6. Ethel will NEVER get it on paper! 😉. I love the way you keep these two alive and developing, Ted.

    1. It’s fun when they show up.

      1. Yes, indeed. I bet they drain you out of tea and gossiping when they are around. 😄😜 ❌❌❌

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