One Day!


“For one day, Ethel! Is it too much to ask to have just one day when you don’t call me with some crazy request? A damn waterpark, really?”
“Oh. I’m sorry to have made you feel this way. I’m going to cry. I’m going to hang up now, Cheryl, you have hurt my feelings.”

Their phones do not ring each other for two days.

“Hi Ethel, it’s me, Cheryl.”
“I know who it is.”
“I’m sorry, can you ever forgive me? I treated you terribly, I’m an awful friend.”
“You forgive me? Or I’m awful?”

~ ~ ~ to be continued ~ ~ ~

▷ ▷ ▷ ▷ ▷ ▷ ▷ ▷ ▷ ▷


July 25: Flash Fiction Challenge… I realize this is a departure from a true flash fiction story, as there is no end… yet. 

This was the prompt…  In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes the phrase “for one day.”

14 responses

  1. Too funny, but I suppose the question had to be asked!! 😆

    1. Yes, may have to ask their mutual friend to intercede.

  2. depends on your perspective )

  3. Good one! I can’t wait to see the answer. 🙂

  4. I like that you left it hanging a little –
    and you gave us some energy in that dialogue

  5. Ha ha ha…loved the (non) ending!

    1. Thanks, but now I have to think of an ending.

  6. Let me know when you continue the story. I’d love to know “forgive me”, or “I’m awful”.

    1. I’m looking forward to finding out myself, Susan.

  7. Ha, ha! That’s a fun response, Ted!

  8. […] (This is the end of this story, the first part was here… One Day!) […]

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