No bugs, please.


“Hi, it’s me.”
“I figured, Caller ID, remember?”
“Don’t be such a stick, Cheryl. New restaurant to try.”
“What kind of food?”
“Chili Dogs!”
“For crying out loud, remember that diner you dragged me to in Cicero, and then you didn’t like the chili on the dog?”
“Well, Betty says this place is really good.”
“When was Betty in town? Where is this place?”
“She was here for the bug exhibit at the Field Museum. It’s out front. I thought we could go and get a dog and see the exhibit .”
“I’ll go for the dogs, Ethel, but no bugs.”


Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 5.17.42 PM

Here is the Hot Dog Stand Ethel wants to try. The Field Museum is in the distance. Currently they are showing Fantastic Bug Encounters!  If you are in Chicago, stop by for a dog and see the bugs.



I enjoyed the photo prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields chose this week. Lots to see in Roger Bultot’s photo, and I found a story. Funny thing… part of my inspiration for this story was one I wrote a couple of years ago. Guess who took the photo for that prompt??? A Jukebox at Every Table

Here is where to read other stories for Roger’s photo… Friday Fictioneers

12 responses

  1. I greatly enjoyed this fun phone conversation Ted.

  2. Another amusing dialogue between the ladies, Ted. I don’t blame anyone for not caring to go and see the bugs, especially after eating. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne

  3. Leve me some Ethel and Cheryl. And come on, Cheryl, you never know. The bugs could be interesting!

  4. Sign me up for both! I love hot dogs (occasionally) and bugs are fascinating.

  5. Dear Ted,

    I love chili dogs but I’m not too keen on bugs. Cheryl and Elthel should have their own sitcom. 😉



  6. Yeah, stick to the food and leave the bug exhibit alone, I agree!

  7. The thought of a bug exhibit in a museum makes my feet hurt. Another twist on dogs? 🙂

  8. Leave the bugs out . Chili dogs are so good and so is ice cream. Don’t ever eat them together though

  9. I’ve been there and to the Field Museum. Hall of Gems is my favorite place and the dogs are delicious 🙂

  10. Cheryl has her priorities right. Dogs but no bugs. Who does not like a good hot dog?

  11. Love chili dogs but not bugs! Fun story! =)

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