Little Sally’s Pail


Little Sally left her pail in the grass.
Mr. Robert didn’t want to hit it with his mower so he hung it on a nearby shed.
Coming back with her shovel, Little Sally couldn’t reach it.
She went and found Bobby.
Bobby got down on all fours and Little Sally stood on his back.
She still couldn’t reach the pail.
So she jumped up… still not high enough.
When she came down Bobby collapsed.
Undeterred, Little Sally got the milking stool and made Bobby get back down on all fours.
Noontime, Mother clangs the dinner gong.
Little Sally sprints for the house leaving her pail in the grass.

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It’s always fun to find a new writing group. My pal Rochelle Wisoff-Fields  is good at finding them. Rochelle, who you may know from reading my stories, is in charge of Friday Fictioneers and herds over 100 writers each week.

Please check out Writers Unite. I enjoyed seeing their prompt photo and a story immediately popped into my head, so this is definitely a flash fiction.

7 responses

  1. enjoyed that. still lmao, txs for share

  2. I love this! And I would like to post it on our Writers Unite! blog and also share in on our FB group and public page!

    So glad you are enjoying the stories. We are having a lot of fun with these monthly “Write the Story prompts!

    Deborah Ratliff
    Writers Unite

    1. I would be honored. Thank you, Deborah.

      1. Thank you, will post it tomorrow

  3. Dear Ted,

    I’m pleased that we’re pals. 😀 Glad you took part in this challenge, too. What? No Ethel and Cheryl? 😉 You certainly captured the attention span of the child. Love it.



    1. Me too, Rochelle. They aren’t always around when you need them, you know how it goes with those fictional types. Thanks for your comments.

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