The Frog Kick


A telephone rings on Chicago’s Northside…

“Hi, Cheryl, you used to teach swimming, I’ve a question.”
“I’m all ears, Ethel. Why do you ask?”
“You know how Betty got me started being a fiction writer, my blog? Whadda call the animal strokes?”
“Oh yes, your blog. I haven’t seen much writing there lately, thought you gave that up.”
“Writer’s block. Betty sent me the latest photo prompt by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, there’s a picture of this woman swimming also. Story!”
“Dog paddle.”
“Not that one.”
“Butterfly stroke?”
“No, isn’t there a frog one?”
“The breast stroke is also called the frog kick, Ethel.”
“Great! Perfect title too.”

☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎ ☺︎



Betty tells me that Ethel is busy writing her first Friday Fictioneers story, but she’s having trouble sticking to the 100 word limit. If you want to write a story, everything you need to know is in the photo below, I think that may have been the one Ethel saw. The official prompt photo is at the top of this page, please use that one for your story. 


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16 responses

  1. Any time you bring in Cheryl and Ethel, we are sure to enjoy ourselves…

    1. Especially when we throw in Rochelle… hahahaha. She is going to kill me.

      1. Nah… she’s too far away…

      2. nah, Rochelle’s laughing too hard for malice. 😉

  2. Are you allowed to call for help with Friday Fictioneers? Surely that’s cheating! 😉

  3. A charming conversation with a perfect title! Love it.

    Rosey, a joke and some wine!

  4. Inventive and entertaining. Frog legs save the day!

  5. Cheryl and Ethel frog kicking their way to… to… to? Fun write,

  6. Clever. I like Ethel and Betty 🙂

  7. Ha ha – fun, quirky story – loved it!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  8. That’s me, I’m all about the frog kick. Entertaining dialogue between Cheryl and Ethel! =)

  9. Dear Ted,

    Cheryl’s very clever. I was doing breast stroke and frog kick in the picture (even if it wasn’t the photo prompt 😉 ) Love these two ladies. I feel like they’re real people. 😀



  10. This is fun… love the conversation… (i’m not good at anything except the frog)

  11. A good story with Cheryl and Ethel, Ted. I’ve never heard of the Frog Kick before. That’s a new one for me. 🙂 — Suzanne

  12. Well there ya go…just learned something new!
    Thanks for that. 🙂

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