Jewish Church

roger-bultot-synagogue“Hi, Cheryl, instead of mass this week I want to go to a Jewish church, because of what happened in California.”
“I think they are called synagogues, Ethel, or temples.”
“No, temples are the Mormons, you like their singing.”
“Love the choir, Ethel, but I’m pretty sure the Jews go to temple too.”
“I guess I can look in the phone book for a Jewish church.”
“Oh for God’s sake. They are called Synagogues or Temples!!! Google it.”
“I’m going to ask Rochelle, she’s super Jewish and writes books.”
“I think it would be nice to go, let me know.”

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When I first saw the FridayFictioneers prompt photo by Roger Bultot I thought of having the girls go to church, then I saw the Star in the window. You may know Ethel’s friend Rochelle, she’s written some books.


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31 responses

  1. It does’nt matter one bit if she makes a mistake about names. It’s still a good idea to show up

  2. What a great idea. There is just too much hate in the world today! Thanks Ted, I enjoyed this.

    1. You are TedBook’s biggest fan, Betty. Thank you.

  3. Great post! Loved the little wink to Rochelle.

    1. Thanks, Jewel. Have you written yours yet?

      1. Not yet. I think I’ll have to do a little research on Judaism, first…

  4. I’d like to know the answer to the question also!

  5. Rochelle would know, all right. Well done.

    1. She would if anyone would, Thank you.

  6. I think Rochelle would be able to suggest the best place to go…

    1. You know it, B! Hey I really liked your ‘question’ post.

  7. Dear Ted (and Cheryl and Ethel 😉 ).

    Usually the reform Jews call it Temple. An orthodox or conservative Jew would call it synagogue or shul. And it is a nice idea to show up this week since it’s Holocaust remembrance day on May 2nd. Thanks for the nod and picture. 😀



    1. I kind of had an idea that you have been saving this photo for this day. Did I ever tell you about the time my daughter played Anne Frank in the play?

      1. p.s. I hope I capitalized everything correctly.

      2. When I posted this picture…weeks ago…I didn’t even think about Holocaust remembrance. A little Divine Guidance, perhaps? I’m not ruling it out. .
        I don’t know if you told me about your daughter playing Anne Frank or not. That’s a heavy role.

        May we never forget.


  8. I’ve heard of Ethel’s friend, she’s a talented lady. It’s great to see Ethel and Cheryl again.

    1. Yes she is, without her where would we be?

  9. I can just imagine they’ll have a lovely time – if they ever make it.

  10. Hopefully, Cheryl and Ether read Rochelle’s response! I learned something and I trust they did too.

    My story – ‘This way that way!’

  11. I love your stories about the two ladies, Ted. They really bicker but remain friends. I’ve learned more about synagogues, shuls, and temples this week than I’ve previously known. CNN’s Richard Quest visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam recently. I remember reading her diary when I was in high school in the late 1950s. —- Suzanne

    1. Thanks, you might enjoy reading the play, Suzanne.

  12. I really enjoyed the flow of the dialogue, very natural and amusing. Lovely scene!

    1. Thank you, it’s always fun when the girls visit my blog.

  13. Isn’t it funny how we can get so hung up on details? Of course we want to be respectful of the people who go to the Synagogue/Temple/Shul/Church/Friends’Meeting House/–but the main thing is showing up, taking in all that you can, learning, respecting what others believe. Doesn’t mean you have to change what you believe, but we can surely learn from each other.

    1. Yes, some people miss the big picture.

  14. Fun take, Ted. I think the important thing is Ethel wants to go, never mind what they call it. Jewish Church… tee hee..

    1. Yes, and Cheryl too.

  15. What’s in a name. God by any name will remain god.

  16. Ha ha..perfect. They should make a day of it!

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