Going Green


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Going Green… a Drabble for FriFic…A telephone rings in Chicago… 

“Hi, Cheryl. Guess what, I’m going green.”


“Yep, I’m turning over a new leaf, no pun intended. I’m a recycler now.”

“Oh really? How long have you been green?”

“Three days. I’m building a compost pit too and need some help digging. I’ll need some worms.”

“Wait a minute. I’m not touching any worms, and what do they have to do with going green?”

“Less stuff in the landfill, the worms eat the stuff you put in the pit and make fertilizer or something like that.”

“Ethel, you have one planter box in your window.”

“I know, exciting huh?”


This story is dedicated to my sister Mariya…

22 responses

  1. Ah, that made me smile. I love Ethel’s enthusiasm.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  2. Me too. It’s so me. Loved it Dale

    1. You mean Ted 😉

      1. Sorry. I’m under the influence, of cold medication!

  3. Good on Ethel. If we all did our bit with one planter box, we’d be in a much better state than we are now!

  4. go ethel! that’s the spirit!

  5. Great oaks grow from little acorns! Go for it, Ethel!

  6. “Ethel, you have one planter box in your window.” I can so hear that line! Brilliant – made me grin happily!

  7. That’s a great ending 🙂

  8. Dear Ted,

    Ethel’s just being conservative. One step at a time. I always love hearing from the two ladies of your imagination.



  9. michael1148humphris | Reply

    Planter boxes are great, just like your story.

  10. Giant oaks from little acorns, etc…

  11. I love these two…

  12. Hah, Ethel has the right idea. There are small worm compost bins availabe… Great story.

  13. Laughed out loud, Ted. Those ladies should be named national treasures. 😃

  14. I have to admit I think I think her passion for green will fade soon…

  15. Sounds like Ethel’s jumping the gun a bit…going green can be hard work!

  16. I love Ethel and love that you told the whole story through dialogue, yet, we know so much about each character. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jan, that is a nice comment to hear.

  17. Worms don’t need that much space. And I imagine once Ethel starts, she will expand her green adventures.

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