Crime Under an Assumed Name


Crime Under an Assumed Name… a drabble for FriFric

“Cheryl, it’s Ethel. I need to come over and see a show.”
“Well, hello to you too, Ethel. What show has got you in a lather now?”
“CB Strike, it’s on Cinemax.”
” Why do you have to watch at my house, you have Cinemax?”
“I dropped it when I decided not to watch television.”
“Oh, but it’s okay to watch TV at my house? Why this show?”
“It was written by the lady who wrote Harry Potter.”
“JK Rollings, why haven’t I heard of it.”
“She used a fake name, Robert Galbraith, British crime story.”
“Okay, I like those.”



Somehow I missed that one back in 2012, Rochelle, I was pretty regular back then. I’ll make up for it now. Thanks to J Hardy Carroll for the prompt.

C. B. Strike

23 responses

    1. Thanks, Betty. As soon as I saw the photo the story popped into my head. I did not write a story when this photo was first used back in 2012, and I hardly missed a week back then. So I’m making up for it now.

  1. very fun and the social part you grabbed is spot on – cancel cable and quit TV – to cave in and hit up a pal.

  2. Good one! I hope it will record while you are gone.


  3. Ah yes, the assumed name that lasted not even until publication before it was conveniently *accidentally* revealed and book sales suddenly rocketed. Call me cynical… 😉

    1. Hello, Cynical. 🙂

  4. Yeah, I just found out about the show. I have enjoyed the three books (the fourth coming soon). Shame it’s on Cinemax. Can I join the ladies?

  5. Those two ladies deserve each other!

  6. Was a different photo back in 2012, apparently… 😉
    And I love me some Cheryl and Ethel

  7. Great way to see what you like… can you call it cancel and leach?

  8. Welcome back girls! 😃

    I’ll join Chezza and Ethel to watch that show. I expect they would talk over all the best bits, yet be more entertaining than the participants on Goggle Box or indeed the TV programme itself. Do you have Goggle Box in the US, Ted?

  9. I hope they stopped chattering like that during the show!Nice one,

    Click to read my FriFic tale

  10. I never even heard of this.

  11. Dear Ted,

    It’s always nice to see Cheryl and Ethel. This reminds me of my mother and my aunt who lived in the house behind us. Aunt Edith kept Kosher in her own home but had no problem eating bacon in our house.



    1. That is hysterical, Rochelle!

  12. […] And finally, here’s some flash fiction from Ted Strutz! […]

  13. Lovely dialogue. I imagine Cheryl and Ethel living together when they become infirm – they get on so well 🙂

  14. Very familiar with these types of resolutions! Giving up any kind of screen is challenging in this day and age!

  15. As good fans, they have a responsibility to keep track of all the pseudonyms. I know that because the Beatles, who’ve been known by numerous pen/stylus? names, have always been me very favorites.

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