Orcas Island, Washington


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12 responses

  1. so sad, reminds me of a person whose life is in shambles. addicted to one thing or another living on the streets, this person was once the pride and joy of their family all dressed in beautiful clothes and always so clean fed and happy so so sad,

    1. Margie, that is just beautiful, and you could be right.

  2. I agree with Margie. The first thought I had was that a family or couple enjoyed this home once. It’s a pretty setting too. Great photograph entry …
    Isadora 😎

    1. It was a farmhouse. A farm is still there.

  3. Great photo, Ted. That’s on Orcas Island? Wow. I used to live in WA too.

    1. Right outside of Eastsound on the way to Olga Road.

      1. First in Issaquah, and then Tacoma right on the Puget Sound. I loved it there.

  4. I bet you could huff and puff and blow that house down. Wonderful photo for this week.

  5. So my airbnb needs a little work. Still, location. location, location!

    1. Hi, Phillip… I would put a heater in for you, but there’s no electricity!

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