THE REMODEL… Six Sentence Stories

She had telephoned full of excitement, the work finally finished, the long wait over, her complaining turned to exuberance, and Cheryl was on her way over to see Ethel’s new kitchen remodel.

Cheryl was determined to be supportive, no matter what, in spite of Ethel’s half-baked decorating ideas.

“Ta da, what do you think?”

Can lights in the ceiling illuminated black lacquered cabinets with polished brass handles, highlighting opalescence tile walls, floor and sweeping counter tops.

Gasping, Cheryl took a step back, leaned against the door jamb for support, and asked her friend what she was seeing.

“Marble, Cheryl, marble.”


This week’s cue is MARBLE



14 responses

  1. Good use of the cue. Welcome to sss

    1. Thank you, I’ve often wanted to, finding the time to write more and explore now.

  2. Some people’s taste defies explanation. Hope Cheryl can come up with a few good lines about it.

    1. Don’t worry, she will. This is a departure from the usual Ethel & Cheryl story. Still 100 words, but had to do a different format for SSS, of course.

  3. I think that Cheryl had something different in mind, but at least she is supportive by being there.

    1. Cheryl was surprised at Ethel’s choice to be sure, you never know with Ethel.

  4. Let me add to Paul and the others, welcome to the Six Sentence Story… it is one of the most aggravatingly fun ‘hops around. Zoe does a most excellent job with the weekly prompts.
    Enjoyed your Six… visual (one of the challenges in this format that I wrestle with each week)… (nice combo “… black lacquer and polished brass”)

    1. Thank you very much, Clark. I’m looking forward to meeting Zoë.

  5. Welcome to SSS. I enjoyed your story. As long as Ethel is seeing marble Cheryl has an easy job being supportive.

  6. This would be excellent for a bachelor trying to impress a young woman…

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