We lost one of the biggest influences in all of Rock and Roll today… Chuck Berry.  His touch was everywhere… ask any rock and roller. He wrote about sex and cars and Sweet Little Sixteen.  I grew up when there were soda shops, jukeboxes, and drive-restaurants with car hops on roller skates.  We danced to his songs at the high school dances and blasted them from the radio when we went cruising in our cars.

No disrespect to Elvis… but Chuck… he was The King.

He wrote, without a doubt, one of the greatest Rock and Roll songs ever…

Wish he could have lived to see his new album released.

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  1. Another music icon gone. Still sad, even if he was 90. We all must go, but we thing people like him should live on, and he will….in our memories.

    He lived less than 20 miles from me. He had a ‘STAR’ in University City, on the Delmar Loop. Ted, we talked about Blueberry Hill not too long ago. Thanks for posting this…..

    1. Thank you for letting me know he passed today, Fran.

  2. This is a lovely heartfelt memorial to him. It is sad that he has gone but I’m so glad he lived to 90, unlike so many in the industry who are gone by their mid forties.

  3. Hail, Hail.chuck berry RIP

  4. He will live on in all of the artists he influenced, and continues to influence, including my 27 year old guitarist nephew who knows what great is when he sees it.
    Rock On Chuck … rock on!

  5. I remember dancing to his music when I was young and my parent rolling their eyes. He was the best and will be sorely missed.

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