A JUKEBOX AT EVERY TABLE… Friday Fictioneers


A JUKEBOX AT EVERY TABLE… a Drabble for FriFic

A telephone rings on the Northside of Chicago…

“Hi, Cheryl, it’s Ethel.”

“It’s December 21st, I assume you want me to help you with your Christmas decorations again. Why can’t you do them early like everybody else? I’ve still got shopping to do.”

“No, no, I’m done with them. I’ve got a hankering for a chili dog, and there’s a new place in Cicero I want to try.”

“For God’s sake, Ethel, just go to the Devil Dog on the corner. You know how far Cicero is, right?”

“Yes, but this place has a jukebox at every table. And, there’s a WalMart next door.”

“Oh… okay, I’ll go.”


Roger Bultot’s photo reminded me of fun times and good eats in the past and prompted the girls to take a trip.  Thanks to Rochelle for prompting me to write a story.

Here are some 100-word stories by my friends:  


19 responses

  1. Worth the drive for a good chili dog! Fun story Ted.

    1. Always, thanks, Betty.

  2. Dear Ted,

    I remember the jukebox on every table. Fun times. It’s always a pleasure to see Cheryl and Ethel.

    Holiday Shalom,


    1. Thanks, Rochelle… Happy H!

  3. Ha, I wonder if it’s the Walmart that makes it a deal. What’s the choice on the jukebox really?

    1. The Dog for Ethel and the Mart for Cheryl.

  4. Now you have me wanting a chili dog! Merry Christmas and a jukebox on every table to you.

  5. Love me those table jukes. The magic word is Wal-Mart to help it along.

    Merry Christmas, Ted, to you and yours.

    1. Thanks, Bill. Same to you and give the Munchkin a kiss for me when you see her.

      1. Hahaha! Yes, definitely. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Happy Xmas Cheryl! 🎄Happy Xmas Ethel! 🎅🏼 Happy Christmas Ted!

  7. That was fun! We all have our weak spots… Glad Cheryl agreed with Ethel…
    Merry Christmas, Ted!

  8. Hot dogs and Walmart backsides do go together, don’t they!

  9. Sounds like a double whammy – a great chili dog AND Walmart. You couldn’t beat that with a handful of switches and a bucket of coal.
    Best wishes for a Joyous Christmas, Ted.

  10. Looks like the girls hit the jackpot. There’s comfort food, nostalgic music, and a WalMart nearby.
    Good writing and humor we love, Ted. Happy Holidays. 😀 — Suzanne

  11. […] I enjoyed the photo prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields chose this week. Lots to see in Roger Bultot’s photo, and I found a story. Funny thing… part of my inspiration for this story was one I wrote a couple of years ago. Guess who took the photo for that prompt??? A Jukebox at Every Table […]

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