A FRIEND IN NEED… FridayFictioneers


A FRIEND IN NEED… a drabble for FriFic

A telephone rings on the Northside of Chicago…

“Ethel, it’s Cheryl.”

“Cheryl!  What’s wrong?”

“What do you mean what’s wrong?  Nothing’s wrong.”

“But, you never call me.”

“Well, I’m calling you now.  Is your power out?”

“No. I thought you said nothing was wrong?  I know what this ‘nothing wrong’ call is all about.  Your power is out and Survivor is on tonight and you’re afraid you’ll miss it.”

“Okay, yes!  Aren’t you the detective?”

“I guess we always call when we want something, Cheryl, and I want anchovies on the pizza you are bringing with you tonight.”

“Wait a minute.”

“Just on my half will be fine.”

 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕

Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Flash Fiction… This week’s photo prompt is by Chairwoman Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields… go to… ADDICTED TO PURPLE… for more info.

For more stories based on the prompt… 

21 responses

  1. What a delightful take on the prompt! Light-hearted and oh so fun.

  2. Except my friend was in shanghai and the great firewall of China didn’t let her watch the season finale of american idol. So she called me and we watched. Lol.

  3. Like this, get a good sense of an endearing lifelong friendship between the two of them. Nicely done.

  4. This is great! I love these two old ladies… i imagine being like this when i am ol…wait im like this now

  5. michael1148humphris | Reply

    Anchovies on a pizza, powerful stuff.

  6. Interesting story, Ted. 🙂

  7. Great job Ted. This really gave me a chuckle!

  8. I’m like that. We cut the satellite cable last year, so now when something’s on that we want to watch we invite ourselves over to the neighbor’s house. I hope you like jalapeños.

  9. Dear Ted,

    I hope one of them has a DVR. Personally I’m an anchovy pizza fan. Nicely done.



  10. Methinks they know each other a little too well. Please no anchovy on my pizza.

  11. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover | Reply

    Nice take one the prompt. I got right into the characters and their, dare I say it, slice of life.

  12. ha ha. what a friend. 🙂

  13. Good job, funny. I’ll have to do that next time with a few people I know. Thanks for the tip.

  14. Fun take on the prompt … pizza the great friend relaxer. ~~~ : – )

  15. These stories just keep getting funnier and funnier, Mr S.!

  16. Hehe, that was delightful!

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