Friday Fictioneers… THIEVES IN THE LIGHT

I haven’t written much in TedBook lately… Lazy, Busy, Writer’s Block… take your pick.

This story was back in 2012 to a great photo prompt by wmqcolby. While Rochelle at FridayFictioneers is taking a break to write a book, she’s rerunning some of the best prompts from the past. I always liked Thieves in the Night.

Here are the current stories…  


They broke the window and slipped in the back door.

“Darker than a son of a bitch! Can’t see a God Damn thing.”

“Shhh… don’t talk like that in here. Take my phone.”

By the light of the silvery cell, they made their way forward.

“Kind of spooky, all these eyes watching us. They said the cross with the man was solid gold, I sure hope so.”

“Shut the fuck up, and follow me.”

Sudden bright lights through stained glass turn the apse into a kaleidoscope.

The Man on the Cross is shimmering to the sound of sirens.


Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Flash Fiction… This week’s photo prompt is by Chairwoman Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields… go to… ADDICTED TO PURPLEfor info.

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22 responses

  1. Busted! That’ll teach them!

  2. Ah… love that kaleidoscope of being caught… from spooky to scary.

  3. michael1148humphris | Reply

    I liked this very much.🙂

  4. Great use of light to convey the feelings and the action.

  5. DearTed,

    By the light of the silvery cell has me singing. 😉 Great to see you here.



  6. I’d never seen this one before – excellent! So many great things going on here: I like the juxtaposition of them swearing… in a church. And they’re worried about swearing in church (at least one of them is), but they’re still going to steal… the crucifix! They’re going to steal Jesus from the church. Excellent! And then the darkness is turned into “a kaleidoscope of color.” Beautiful. Have you ever developed these hooligans, the same way you’ve done with Cheryl and Ethyl?

  7. Terrific story, great characters, wonderful images. I like this.

  8. Reminded me a bit of the Don Camillo stories where Jesus on his cross looks down and talks to Don Camillo and keeps him and his villagers on the right path.

  9. Sudden bright lights through stained glass turn the apse into a kaleidoscope
    Lovely line.

  10. I love the atmosphere you created. It took me right there.

  11. Oh you must be so busy Ted! It isn’t like you to have so many comments backed up without replies. I left a comment on this post on Facebook but loved the story so much I had to come back for a second helping. This is definitely one of your best. X X Kate

  12. “By the light of the silvery cell.” Sheer poetry.
    Beautifully imagined story, Ted!

  13. Lovely use of light, Ted. I also like the irony of the one thief not wanting to hear swearing in the church but still planning on stealing. This was new to me also. Well written.

  14. […] to our fairy blog mother Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting and to Ted Strutz for the remarkable photo. I’m five words over. Sorry about that.  I’m feeling a bit […]

  15. Busted!!! And in a church, no less. Ha!
    Hey, I met up with Madison Woods in Breck! I will have to blog about her. She’s the coolest.

    1. She is the one responsible for all of this. How fun to meet her.

      1. It was! I waited for her to email me with deets to include in the post, but I think she forgot. I’ll post it soon!

      2. That will be fun to read.

  16. Hey Ted! I just got a spammed from an email from “you.” Change your gmail password. You can delete this comment, but I wanted to let you know ASAP.

  17. Oooo this is great. Totally caught but will they learn?

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