Painting with the Masters


Copying Leopold Schmutzler’s Here I Am, c.1910

At the Frye Art Museum



13 responses

  1. I love this post. How lucky you are to live on the San Juan Island.

  2. Lovely paintings Ted. 🙂

  3. OMg!!! Did you paint the one without a frame, Ted? Holy cow! I think you might have a lucrative future as an art forger – very nice! 🙂

    1. No… that’s not me. I’m the photographer. He is pretty good. There was a woman painting and I’ll put her on tomorrow. This is an amazing art museum and all the paintings in this room were the original collection of the Frye’s who donated them and their house and money to have a free museum of art in Seattle. I’m going to do a blog about it.

  4. Reblogged this on TedBook's DAILY PICS… and commented:

    Thought this was going on my photoblog!

  5. loved the pics, I am sure that was not u lol, txs for sharing I appesch

    1. You are welcome, Margie… did you show to Bill?

    1. That’s funny… I’ve thought that of you.

  6. Copying is a great learning exercise often derided in art schools these days. The original face is fascinating but the copy looks more like a clown mask than an individual’s features. He needs more practice on faces, but nails the rest. Everyone’s a critic, eh?

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