SPRING PLANTING… Friday Fictioneers


SPRING PLANTING… a drabble for FriFic

The phone rings in a brownstone in Chicago…

“Hi, Ethel, what’s up!”

“Spring!!! That’s what, Cheryl.”

“It’s 36 degrees out, what makes you think it’s Spring?”

“The landlady is planting flowers and she always does that on the first day of Spring.  But I don’t like her new planter.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s a porcelain throne, Cheryl!!!”

“What the hell are you talking about, Ethel? What’s a porcelain throne?”

“As if you’ve never hugged the Porcelain Throne, goody-two-shoes. It’s a commode. A loo.”

“For Christ’s sake, Ethel, speak English!”

“It’s a toilet, dammit! In front of my house!!!”


Ethel and Cheryl have returned to Friday Fictioneers!   Rochelle threatened to steal this photo from TedBook’s DAILY PICS, and it looks like she did!  To read more stories based on this photo or write one of your own, click on the frog.


50 responses

  1. Hey one woman’s planter is another’s throne, or porcelain queen….
    Fun take on your photo, Ted. It has launched quite a few different takes indeed! Thanks for that!

    1. Thank you, Dale. I was surprise to say the least.

    1. Thanks, Louise, it sure was a surprise to see that beauty amidst the trash.

  2. I remember there was a “planter” like that in Madison when I was growing up. Cracked me up every time!
    Good one, Ted. 🙂

    1. I’ve seen a few before used for decoration, but not one like this. This was in a junkyard. At least the owners had a sense of style.

  3. Dear Ted,

    Haven’t we all knelt before the porcelain god at some point in our lives? Nice to see the girls again…and yourself as well. It’s worth nabbing your pictures to bring you out of hiding. 😉



    1. I’ve hugged more than my fair share, Rochelle. I’ll try not to stay too hidden.

  4. I’ve missed the antics of these two. Glad to see them back in fine form for this week’s adventures.

    1. Thanks, Marie. Hope they are back soon, I’ve missed them too and only myself to blame.

  5. Not everyone knows how to behave reasonably well. Occasionally someone shows up who’s way offbeat

  6. Yay! The Return of Ethel and Cheryl!!! 😀 At first I was just excited by the cool photo — so I was really delighted, at the end of the post, to see that it was YOURS! — but then a glance at the snippet my WP Reader, and I saw the name Ethel, and a HUGE grin spread my lips. Ooh, I can just SEE that old biddie getting all h0t-and-bothered by a toilet in front of her place. You must know these ladies, in real life, Ted. They are completely tangible. And I can’t help but love them. 🙂

    1. I’ll never say. Your comment on seeing Ethel’s name means so much to me. I’d make a little heart, but I only know how to do a facebook one.

  7. Thanks for providing a good laugh among many gloomy submissions – including mine.

    1. I haven’t had a chance to read many yet… should I be worried? I’m looking forward to yours now, Alicia.

  8. Thanks for the photo prompt and the funny story.
    Btw, how did you get that photo of my cousin’s tenement on wheels?

    1. Thanks, Dr. Tracey, but I have a feeling it’s a long way from your cousin, since you used the word ‘tenement’, I’ll have to go see where you live… and read your story, of course.

      1. I do come blue collar roots where having junk in the front yard of your trailer house would be common place. I’ve “moved on up” so to speak but I make no apologies for my roots. 😊

  9. Glad the girls are back. I missed them. A great giggle, Ted. You do torture poor Ethel. Does she deserve it?

    1. Not me, Kate, Cheryl.

      1. Oh my, yes! Cheryl is a terrible tease. Happy Easter! 🐰🐣❤️

  10. Thanks for the great picture, Ted. It’s generating some really good stories. I love the way those women bicker and still stay best friends. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Thanks, Suzanne, when Rochelle ‘borrows’ one they usually get results. Glad you liked it.

    2. They do, don’t they, Patricia. Thanks.

  11. I want Cheryl and Ethel to be my neighbors. Loved this piece Ted!

    1. Be careful what you wish for, Lisa. I think you and Ethel would be fine, but then Cheryl can be brutally honest so that might work too.

  12. Yeah, not sure I’d want that outside my house either 🙂

    1. I have mixed emotions, maybe in the backyard.

  13. Cackling laughter here! That was a funny write… loved it!

    1. Wow, Cackling laughter… I haven’t produced that in a while… Love it, and thanks!

  14. Great photo. I fear I know many ‘Ethel’s’, who would not appreciate that planter.

    1. Me too, Ethel us usually more adventurous… I guess she just doesn’t like ‘toilet humor’.

  15. Nice to hear what Ethel and Cheryl have been up to! Cute story Ted!!

    1. Maybe their friend Betty will be in the next one.

  16. Dear Ted,
    It’s nice to see your mug again. Thanks for supplying this week’s photo. Looks like we both had a good time with it. I love the banter between these two. Who hasn’t hugged the porcelain throne?

  17. Ok, I had to go check out the girls. I love them. Looking forward to more.

  18. hahaha…great dialogue!

  19. I thnk it makes a great planter. I want to get me one!

  20. Great story that made me chuckle. Sometimes for some trash is another person’s treasure…great photo!! I have seen this on some lawns before actually!

  21. A commode by any other name…;)

  22. I can imagine these two ladies, they must be round somewhere. Very humorous story and thank you for the prompt!

  23. Such a fun story. I wouldn’t want this planter in front of my house either. And I’m fascinated by the many names for toilet in English.

  24. I can only assume that the landlady doesn’t care much for Ethel. Quite a humorous take on the prompt.

  25. Oh dear not a very happy tenant.
    Great photo.

  26. I’ve never hugged the porcelain. Ever! 🙂

  27. Ha ha ha a great piece with a lot of humor.!! I love this picture 😀

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