King of the Mountain… Revisited

Repeating the story I wrote the first time this photo appeared at Friday Fictioneers, featuring our own Ironman… To read current stories of this photo prompt by Sean Fallon (he’s alive and well in Australia) click this frog…    

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Friday Fictioneers… KING OF THE MOUNTAIN

By tedstrutz on November 15, 2012 | Edit

“Drink water… Lots” I do. For 13,796 vertical feet. Have to pee.

“Take a flashlight. Follow me. Don’t touch anything.” I do, and I don’t.

Dark, cold in here. I’m in a parka. Ironman in a tee. Hard to breathe. Mother Hen MacIlroy sticks something on my finger, checks oxygen level. “You’ll live.”

Inside the dome, faint lights illuminate a sci-fi movie.

“Don’t stand there or you’ll be crushed to death.” I move closer to him.

Giant doors rumble open, letting in the night sky with a twinkle. The massive telescope moves to view light made billions of years ago.

Thank you, Doug…

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18 responses

  1. What fun! Did you actually get to visit Doug’s roost?

    1. Yes. Amazing experience. That’s Doug in the photos.

  2. Oh yes I remember the pictures of you and Doug.. and imagine when I wrote my original story for this image I was visiting Seattle….

  3. Wow, that is so very cool. I’m of to check out the photos!

  4. Jealous am I, what a great place.

  5. Dear Ted,

    I remember this well. I was pretty jealous at the time. How long ago that seems.



  6. Wow! Great take on the story!
    And I’m missing Doug — wonder whether he’ll return to FF.

    1. Thanks, it’s all true too. Doug is a modern-day renaissance man, and, like us, likes to write stories he will be back.

  7. I’m jealous. Great story and pictures though.

  8. Very good. I love the tension, and the great ending. Nice photos, too.

    1. Thank you, Margaret

  9. I’ll check out the pictures. This story was new to me but interesting. I wouldn’t enjoy going up there as heights bother me but it must be an amazing place. Well done, Ted. 🙂 — Suzanne

  10. I didn’t see this ‘first time round’; must have been quite a journey. The tension is palpable. The respect for Ironman is profound. And I love the line – “You’ll live.”
    Sounds like it was serious business!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. It was serious. We had to stop at 9,000 feet for about 40 mins to get acclimated to the elevation. There is a visitors center there. Then on up to the top which was around 13,000 ft. We had to drink a lot of water and there were lots of snacks to eat. Kind of light headed but made it. Spectacular is the best word I could think of to describe the sights we saw. This was one of the few non-fiction stories I did for FF.

      1. ‘This was one of the few non-fiction stories I did for FF.’
        And yet, Ted, it sounds very sci-fi, or otherworldly in the telling. Quite the adventure, to be sure.

  11. […] to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, whom I have dubbed our Fairy Blog-Mother for her unwavering commitment to hosting Friday […]

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