Monochrome Madness: NIGHT FERRY





As Scene in Friday Harbor


Each week Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY has a photo contest called Monochrome Madness.  This month’s theme is something like ‘Where You Are’.  This is our mode of transportation to and from where I am.  Check out her blog and see other Monochrome Masterpieces.  If you like to take photos, send Leanne one of yours.  (this actually is my entry in next week’s contest, we’ll see which photo she chooses)

Here are the photos in their original state…

7 responses

  1. They are lovely photos, Ted, thanks, 🙂

  2. Looking at this picture is relaxing like a long deep breath relaxes you.

    I hope your click gets selected! You have my vote 😀

    1. Thanks, P! When are you and Deepak going to take this ferry???

  3. Very stylized and cool!
    By the way, Susie Lindau sent me.

  4. The Oracle Jasmine Kyle | Reply

    I love the cropping choices you made and the toning of the water really sets it alive! Lovely!

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